Yoroi ada amount fluctuations

I was looking at my Yoroi wallet today and while I was looking at it my balance went to 0, and then three different wrong balances before resetting to what it should be. I was sending a transaction to it at the time ( don’t know if this is relevant but thought I would add it). I know this was an issue in the past because it happened to me and other community members before but I thought it was fixed in the past updates?

@SebastienGllmt can you comment on this please?

Yoroi (and any Icarus project) is powered by Cardano SL 1.2 (very old version) for historical reasons and one problem that this version has is that you need to occasionally clear out the mempool (AKA restart the node). We only do it when we detect that we have to (not that often) and it’s a fairly fast process. Fortunately soon we will be able to move away from this node and it should resolve this issue.


okay, thank you for the reply