Multiple Slot Leaders?

Our node got elected slot leader and successfulyl produced a block

  • created_at_time: “2019-12-14T19:13:49.456022574+00:00”
    enclave_leader_id: 1
    finished_at_time: “2019-12-14T22:22:03.001428303+00:00”
    scheduled_at_date: “1.5653”
    scheduled_at_time: “2019-12-14T22:22:03+00:00”
    block: e66ce3a005f94e61d97b5b05188021a21600cd23a95c4a5ee0252b9f8aa7b253
    chain_length: 4790
    wake_at_time: “2019-12-14T22:22:03.001102545+00:00”

but according to the explorer, another pool actually produced that slot. We were told that multiple pools could be elected slot leader for a slot, but all documentation states that only one can be elected slot leader. Is this the case? Is there documentation on this anywhere?

read more about here

Note: This is not the incentivised but a private testnet. Running current v0.8.0

I already expected to see this soon. Nothing we should worry about, because it’s Ouroboros by design.

May pools whose marketing department claimed something about 100% should go to study this, as it will happen multiple times per epoch. Every epoch.

Thanks for the quick response!