Multiple transactions on Cardano's Genesis Block

I was looking at postings about 6th birthday of Cardano, and is looking to a few different dates, some say today (Sep 29th, others say Sep 24th).
The exact reference should be the timestamp in Block 0, so I searched it, and finally found it here:

It’s a block with hash of 5f20df933584822601f9e3f8c024eb5eb252fe8cefb24d1317dc3d432e940ebb timestamp is 9/24/2017, 4:44:51 AM
Great! Sept 24th it is!

However looking at the number of transactions, it shows that there are 14,505 transactions worth of ₳31,112,484,745.000000

We usually expect Genesis Blocks to have 0 transactions, or perhaps just 1 coinbase transaction. For a Genesis Block to have so many transactions like this, can somebody explain it to me?

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Depends on the explorer how the initial distribution of ADA is presented. In this case, it is as “transactions”, although they are not really transactions, but hard-coded in the Genesis file. See

Those are on the hand the ADA reserved for people buying vouchers in the ICO, on the other hand the ADA given to the three founding entities – IOG, Emurgo, and Cardano Foundation. See