Where can I find genesis block timestamp?

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Does anyone know where I can find the timestamp for the first ada block?


Just like any chain, you can usually find it on explorer (block 0).
If you’re running a node yourself (even if as a part of wallet) you can also check the genesis json file for startup timestamp.


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And for the first transaction, the first transaction/bought ada, is this the correct search?


Hash 6497b33b10fa2619c6efbd9f874ecd1c91badb10bf70850732aab45b90524d9e
Block cf80534e520fa8f4bde1ed2f623553b8a6a9fd616d73bf9d4f7d6d1687685248
Epoch 0, slot 3313
24.9.2017, 18:09:11
1,000000 ADA

Interesting, github show relevant commit starting from 2019.

User: disassembler (Samuel Leathers) · GitHub

Merge #382
382: set genesis hash from envConfig r=disassembler a=disassembler This fixes a breaking change from last week that’s needed for release. cc: @Jimbo4350 @dcoutts Co-authored-by: Samuel Leathers samuel.leathers@iohk.io

Kinda unrelated to blockchain or the genesis, it is more to do with how the hash is captured. Note that the chain started with cardano-sl and the code was rewritten a few times, so you’d see a lot of commits with message referring to genesis hash , but the Byron genesis hash (block 0 for cardano blockchain) remains the one shared above :+1:

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your right. but a genesis block is typically hardcoded somewhere in a node. thats why i started looking for the code. i wonder where the origin code for the first cardano node was developed. seems to me, it was developed elsewhere and later a project on github started.
for the ‘ouroboros code’ some older entries exist.

The genesis block is available (and has been) in JSON format - in fact, it is specified on startup command of your cardano-node instance (used to be via launcher yaml in SL).

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