Searching for a transaction ID on explorer

Can someone help me out? I am searching for a transaction id on, but I do not know the epoch or block the transaction belongs to. I do have a transaction time, but explorer does not let me search on a time and date.
Any information on how to locate a transaction Id would be great…

Hi @CH_CH you could try this:

Epochs - Cardanoscan

Each epoch has a start and end date/time. first look up the right epoch. then drill down to see all the blocks. each block also has a time stamp. find the right block and drill down to see all the transactions in that block. hope this helps.

Thanks for the response, I was hoping to be able to do that , but it is not possible to search for a start / end time as far as I can see.


At least you can play with the page number in the URL
so by modifying the number between 1-2007 you can find the date you need

Searching is not possible, But you can drill down pretty fast starting from epoch → block → transaction.

I thought I tried what @laplasz is saying but I believe that didnt work but maybe I am mistaken.

Yes, you can click from block to block until you find the prior block has been skipped and you get a 404 error!

Exchanges report the Transaction ID in their transaction reports, it is currently not possible to check your transaction in the block with just a Transaction ID

The Explorer needs to have a search by feature. Search by Transaction ID would be a great starting point…

Hi - as a workaround try to modify the url as described above - instead of click on block by block