Using Cardano Explorer

Are transaction ID showing on Cardano explorer while a transaction is processing… or only after the transaction is completed…

I have a trans that has been processing for more than 36 hours at an exchange (after being pending for 12 hours) and wondering if something should show for that on the explorer.

I believe the transaction record is definitive, if it’s not showing up it hasn’t happened. I’d contact the exchange. Good luck!

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Thanks for your reco, done it already!

if it’s not showing up it hasn’t happened.

Do you mean that it is not showing because it is not completed?

Maybe It is “in process” between the nodes, as the exchange is suggesting by showing on its site the transaction as “processing”. Or is it more likely to be only internal processing and the trans has not yet been submitted to the blockchain.

That, IMO, but others around here know much more than me.

Thanks for your help.

Just to put your mind at ease: there was a time when we couldn’t pull our ADA from exchanges for over a month. Had to do with exchange backend code. They fixed it eventually… As long as you see your ADA in the exchange, you should be ok.

I would also suggest canceling your transfer and putting another one in. Maybe it fell through the cracks…

Hope this helps.

I don’t mind leaving some coins on exchanges for trading but prefer to have my bulk long term investement on a hard or paper wallet.

Finally, after 48 hours of waiting for a transaction to move from pending…to processing… and after sending a request for this issue to be moved to the payouts department, the ADA finally made it to Daedalus.

Thanks for your help.