Transferring ADA 3.5hrs ago, still hasn't shown in my wallet - Do i need to keep my wallet open?

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I’m new here and have only downloaded and set my wallet up today. I transferred some ADA from Binance to my wallet this evening about 3 1/2 hrs ago but it has shown up. I’ve filled in a support ticket but wanted to know whether I will need to keep my wallet open as I realise the wallets public address key changes every time I log in?

I apologise if it’s a stupid question, I just wanted to make sure before doing anything though.

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Not a stupid question at all! Check your transaction at - Did you preserve the “seed” (12 word phrase) when you set up your wallet? Did your wallet connect to network and finish syncing all blocks? Restarting your wallet and your computer may be a good idea.

Hi all and thanks for the reply. I’ve checked Binance and it states that they have suspended ADA withdrawal?

The withdrawal is still shown as ‘Processing’ on Binance’s site. There is no txid.

I also cannot see my amount on for around the time it was sent on the cardanoexplorer?

If I close the wallet and re-open it won’t affect the transaction will it?

Many thanks again for time to answer. Appreciated.

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One major detail ---- Did you download the one and only official Daedalus wallet from ??? There are new frauds showing up all the time. Please be careful folks!

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Closing the wallet will have no effect. The exchanges have been having issues with the ADA wallet for the last few days. Try not to panic, but it sounds like your ADA may be “stuck” at the exchange for now.

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Hi someguyonabike. Thanks for raising that and yes I downloaded it from the Cardano official website and only have installed that version.

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If you wish to test your wallet, send me an address and I will send you a couple of ADA on the virtual handshake that you will send it back to me. It is usually very fast and cheap to send.


Okay and sincere thanks again. I do feel a little stupid asking but I didn’t want to do something I shouldn’t.

Thank you for your reply.

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Hi Tech Support can you pls give us an update on why the exchanges are having problems with the Daedalus wallet. First CoinSpot, now Binance. I have a substantial ADA holding at CoinSpot and feel very nervous.

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