How long for a transaction to process?

Sent some ADA to a receive address in my Daedalus wallet from an exchange an hour ago. No funds received. Is this normal?

Also, should my receive address appear in the blockchain explorer? Because it doesn’t.


The exchange should have provided you with a transaction id. Look that up in . If it is there, then your wallet may not be fully synced. If it is not in the explorer then you need to quiz the exchange.

Thank you. It was indeed an issue with my exchange. Apparently they don’t start processing things until they’ve had their first (or second) coffee.


yes - for example if the transaction contains large amount then the exchange itself can check it manually… which takes time - but on the exchange site there should be a status info of each transactions - and probably it is in pending state or something like this. Also there should be a notification mail from the exchange site about the status change…