What method should I use to search for a transaction?

I want to see address transactions, these transactions to be limited to a specific time period or a certain number of blocks.
this service confirm transactions for payment system, so the response speed should be very low.
i need best way for do it .

->{[wallet address],[start time , end time] or [N last block/slots]}
<-{[wallet address],[TxHash,amount,…],[TxHash,amount,…]

->{[wallet address],[start time , end time,specific amount] or [N last block/slots]}
<-{[wallet address],[TxHash,…]

I want to be able search for metadata.

which one is better ? or something else.
cardano-cli - to slow .
cardano-wallet - I have the payment address not the wallet ID
Db sync - I could not find any documentation for this.
cardano explorer - I can not limit block or time for search

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