My ADA got Hacked in Yoroi Wallet

Hi Recently my ADA got hacked ,Raised a ticket for emurgo/Yoroi,Still no response. I can share hacker’s TO Adress and Transaction ID if needed

I lost a huge sum of money/tokens. Please give me a hope…!!! pls help…!!!

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How was your ada hacked? Do you have more details around this. Transactions can not be reversed, so if the ada has physically been sent away from the address then there is no way to retrieve it.

If you are a victim of fraud or some form of scam and either sent your ada to an address as part of a scam or wrote your seed words into a malicious website, then you should report the crime to the police, giving them as much information as possible.


Sure its a Phishing Attack.

Yoroi has recently released an upgrade to its mobile wallet ,so i have uninstalled and reinstalled my App and tried to restore testnet shelly wallet just to see my rewards .

Unfortunately the restoration go stuck at wallet upgrade CHECK step, so i have pinged in the Official Cardano Telegram group , some Ambassador has pinged me immediately and pretended like he was helping me and gave me malicious website to restore wallet on the web as Yoroi upgrade has issues , thinking he is a genuine ambassador i trusted him and logged into website entering my details .

Later none of my ADA are seen in yoroi wallet all are hacked. This is what hppened.

I would not have pinged in the group if the Yoroi upgrade went smooth.

Will there be any use in reqching out to Police :policewoman: if I cant get my ADA ?


Hi Chennupalli

Sorry to hear this happen to you,

The person that made contact was someone impersonating an ambassador, as we would never private message first to offer assistance, that would all be done publicly in response to your question.

The ITN finished quite some time ago now so although the ITN is still running due to being decentralised, yoroi couldn’t connect to it anymore.

We put out as much information and education as we can around awareness for scammers trying to defraud you and would never ask you to give us personal details or enter them into a website. Seed words should only be used when trying to restore a wallet via an official wallet client.

Yes, you should absolutely file a report, it may seem pointless, however if not reported nothing will be done and that criminal is then just allowed to continue.

For example, say if someone is going around breaking into sheds and stealing tools. You are unlikely to get those tools back, even if you report it to the police. However, if everyone thought like that the criminal would be free to continue.

Where if each victim reported it, the police can slowly build a case. The Modus operandi would be pretty much the same, so this builds a picture of a series of crimes, rather than an isolated incident. On one of the shed breaks they may of had CCTV near by picking up the offender.

On a couple incidents, the same vehicle may have been in the area, linking a vehicle of interest. Then fortunately the criminal cut himself on one shed and left a spec of blood.

The police now have a profile of the person they suspect is committing these shed breaks… or maybe even door step frauds, scamming people into handing over their cash.

One person who reported the shed break / door step fraud felt like it was pointless and it seemed like the police did nothing. However a year later they receive contact letting them know the person(s) they suspect to be responsible have been arrested and going to court.

If no one reports crime, criminals are free to continue… Just because the crime happened online, doesn’t mean it’s any less insignificant. In fact crime is crime and the police, certainly in the UK are getting better all the time as dealing with online crime. As that’s where society is going.

I live in the U.K. - someone has made a false representation. dishonestly. knowing that the representation was or might be untrue or misleading. with intent to make a gain for himself or another, to cause loss to another or to expose another to risk of loss.

Does that definition fit into what happened to you? I think so. That’s fraud by false representation, a serious offence.

It’s absolutely devastating to realise you’re a victim of crime and the loss of finances has a massive impact. I will leave it there, again I am sorry to hear of what happened, I absolutely hate scum who do what ever they can to better themselves even by ruining someons life.


Hi @Chennupalli_ADA,

This happened to me as well on Friday at 3:59pm ET. I held my ADA in the Yoroi wallet on my iPhone 11 (I do not have any wallet held on my computer or in any other location).

I emailed the Emurgo support desk, but haven’t heard back yet. I am really not sure how someone could hack my Yoroi wallet on my phone.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I have the transaction ID, and address that my ADA was sent to.

Thanks Cardano Community!

Sorry you’re having this trouble, but instead of posting in this thread you really should start a new topic. What happened to you was different from what happened to the OP, also the category Staking & Delegation is inappropriate. You should start a new topic giving as much information as possible in