My impression from voting - it was f*cking pain!

I am just full of impressions from voting, so it will be good to share them till they are fresh.
First I want to say that I didn’t manage to vote with all of my accounts, two hours were not enough to navigate through Catalyst app, find the proposals which I have already chosen on Ideascale and then switch to another account and do it all over again and again and again…
What I am amazed, the Catalyst app still doesn’t have basic features like search option. I couldn’t find the projects by name, the only sort options were sort by score based on reviews or sort by sum of the money in the proposal.
The Ideascale is also messy, at least I wasn’t able to find the projects by name even the search function is present, so thanks God for invention of Catalyst voting tool! (not the official app)
The only problem is I couldn’t vote in this app and I’ve had to go back to official app where even when I chose to sort projects by size of the money to have better orientation, it always falls back to sort by score of reviews.
So my voting for project looked like this:
Find the project by name on Catalyst voting tool, check how much money is involved in the project,
then go back to official Catalyst app, sort projects by sum of money, find the project and vote.
And when I came out of particular project, sort again by money (because it always reverted back to default sorting), scrolling down and find another project by exact sum of money.
Yes, I almost forgot and when I finished voting with one account, I’ve had to go to settings on the phone to erase all data from app and be able to register a new account. Could it be any more difficult or am I missing something?

I see everybody wants to bring new innovations, be ahead of others, but does anybody knows where are we rushing? We want to bring more people to participate in the process, but is it possible to do so when basic things which build the framework of our community don’t get enough attention to stop and think if they are fullfilling their function correctly?

By framework I also mean the concept of this forum, how it is build. What people who are not involved in programming or some really technical aspect can do here? Do they find it attractive to stay here?

I’ll tell you something if I have to choose how to use my votes, I would put half of my votes to technical development and half of my votes to have fun and joy from the process.
Cardano needs to start dealing with human factor more intensively, because otherwise it it is building things for people, but without people and we end up somewhere in the bubble out of reality.

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