My Re-introduction to the community

Hello all. Hope all is well on your side of the display screen.

I guess the basics, w/ brief forshadowing, and oddly comedic reasoning why I think “IOHK leads the way”

Name: Brian Age:34
From: Monterey County area, CA

Originally got into crypto for the idea of profit. So I didn’t really know how to actually join in and participate.
Then I found out what the Cardano Project is, about, and building into.
I’m still a beginner, but am always good for thoughts and comments.

(Details and 4th wall breaking)
Not to sound sappy, or overly goofy, but learning about Cardano and all it’s little different intricacies have actually played a significant role in my never ending quest at trying to be a better me, grow my knowledge of things in general. All while I try to figure out what my Magnum Opus will eventually be.

I was in the Army but then was medically retired (Honorably) due to situations I experienced while deployed to Iraq. (Anxiety, Depression, PTSD. AKA a form of shell shock as it was called yeae ago.). That being said, reading about, watching videos and streams, and now even attempting to learn coding just so I can be able to have the chance to be able to participate in Cardano in any way actually brings a smile to my ugly mug. Some people smile when they think of chocolate, puppies, or the beach. I smile when I think of Cardano, IOHK, Haskell, Plutus, and Marlowe.
It really is a joy seeing everything associated grow and ripen as it has done so far.

Ok, enough of that.
(Don’t want to appear weird now.)

Besides learning a computer language, I am actually trying to figure out how to share this next thought to people associated with the VA ,even my Congressman actually.

i figured this community is actually the best place to get information and suggestions how to present it…

I’d really like to see the Veterans Affairs Dept utilize blockchain tech (Specifically, Ms. Lovelace’s associated platform) for their record keeping and communication between the healthcare side and the business side. Hundreds of Veterans here in the states get lost and forgotten about or just give up because of the miscommunication, missing data, and errors in record keeping.
I really think Cardano somehow, someway, can help veterans get there healthcare and disability compensation, and make the VA itself efficient, and just be a better resource for vets. New and old.

Recently saw the new Symphony video released. Was kind of in awe. That gave me ideas on the possibilities of branching out to A.R./VR even possibly leading up to a game like, The Oasis. In the film, Ready Player One. Well, kind of.

Needless to say, thinking about what can be done with the a tech that is being built excited me and makes me want to participate. Even though my studies we’re more focused on History and Political Theory, and I am still in the beginning levels of a novice. Even the thought and of the inevitable dry itchy eyes, possible expletives from learning Haskell, and meme worthy frustrating. Cardano makes my heart smile, and is just fricken cool.

So that’s my brief (my version of brief) intro of myself.

For real though, The Cardano Platform, and IOHK is something I am a fan/supporter of.

Thanks for creating something that gets me as excited as I used to get with Legos durring my days as an anadolescent-teen.

The Cardano Effect is awesome. Seeing it grow, and become more refined with each new episode is the daggone “bee’s knees”

(Whew and egads)


Welcome to the right place!
I am glad to see people like yourself joining our community with big idea’s and how they would like to see blockchain tech utilized, its awesome!
This is the place to share your idea’s and get feedback for sure, you might look into private blockchains as that is something the VA would most likely utilize for security purposes :slight_smile:


Welcome @SirMellow Brian! Thanks for a great introduction. There are some wonderful people here :slightly_smiling_face::pray:


@SirMellow Welcome and what a nice intro!!!


Hey Brian. Thanks for your service. Most of us have no idea what you go through over there and I’m very grateful to everyone who serves.

Regarding using blockchain tech to help the VA I agree that would be a great use case. IOHK does work directly for customers developing blockchain tech so maybe it would be a good project for them. I couldn’t think of a better company to do it. I believe they are working on a deal with the world health organization to track food supplies in Africa. It hasn’t been officially announced so it may not happen but that is the kind of things they do.

Regardless welcome aboard I look forward to seeing your contributions to this space.


Thanks for the warm welcome. I tried to add some humor along with the groupie/fandom vibe.

Now, lets learn me a Haskell.


It’s what we do when we fall in love.


Hah-ha. Shhh!! I have to keep my street cred. Jkjk.

@Donnybaseball, may call you Great Bambino? Lol.

So, I just read another heartbreaking headline about a veteran that was an officer and fed up with the lack of proper communication and proper health care. He unfortunately fell victim to and committedthat negative action that we hear about in the news more than we should hear in a VA parking lot. Or, are we not hearing about it enough… I seem to only find out about these final protests that these veterans are doing in military news sources.

Any how, Mr. Bambino,
I really want to contribute with the Cardano Platform somehow, someway (I even joking thought about being the head cook in the cafeteria, and I would make Tetris chaped tater tots and awesome milkshakes.) I also want to help my fellow vets, and also the VA. If it was not for them, there is a very good chance I would not be typing this comment today. Feels kind of weird putting and saying all this that I feel is personal, but where esle does one go when looking for a point in the right direction when it comes to Cardano and it’s potential use cases?

Plus, if the VA was made more efficient by IOHK, the Cardano Foundation, or Emurgo. That would be a win-win-win-win-win-win situation lol. (Iohk, the CF, Emurgo, VA, Veterans, and ADA notability and name recognition.). All while potentially helping a veteran sometime down the road in the future.

Shiza, but yeah, enough forshadowing my reasoning and action’s.

Do you have any advise, comments, or can you point me in the right direction to at least get my VA/Cardano idea on people’s radar?


Great Bambino is definitely to much praise for me. I’m more of a Mongo just a pawn in the game of life type of guy (Blazing Saddles film reference for Millennials and non US citizens). I typically try to employ the velvet hammer approach to getting things done. Be respectful and polite but keep hammering until the objective is complete. We also need to break this problem into chunks. It clearly looks like there is a need to improve the system so that is good. The next step is to evaluate their current system and see exactly how blockchain could and would help. Then given that we think it is a good fit start working on a solution. To start off we need some friends and allies in Government, the VA, and IOHK. Did you say at some point you knew a local politician? Do you know anyone at the VA? Maybe we can start a Facebook group of concerned vets that would attract political attention? As far as IOHK I believe they would be accessible once we get some preliminary work done.

Are there any existing reviews of VA IT infrastructure we could get our hands on? Organizations often pay 3rd parties to do a review and give recommendations. Looking something like that over would be a good first step to understanding what we are dealing with. Any source of common complaints about services would also be helpful.

Man, today’s been busy as heck (recently got married and the wifey and I moved into our first place together last week. Today we actually bought our first piece of furniture. A bar stool. Lol.)

I thank you for your response and thoughts on the matter. It does help and point me in the right direction. Man, I guess I really have to come out my hermit cave now.

They used the term “mind map” in a recent episode of The Cardano Effect. Me thinks I should start getting my cogs turning and have that hamster start running inside his wheel and gets to thinking.

Here’s an article about the VA and “billions of funding”.

Tonight is an early night for me. I will get back to this post/you though. Thanks
Mongo. Haha. Live long and prosper and nanu nanu.

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Thanks I’lll read this. Barstool is a good first choice!

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