Greetings from Illinois

Hello everyone! I’ve been into crypto and blockchain for about the past 20 months. When things hit the ATH back in Nov/Dec 2017 I had a friend who was excitedly telling me that this was the next big thing and I had to get into this space. Lucky for me, I was very cautious and didn’t FOMO much money into anything before the crash came!

But even though I saw the market crash, I wanted to know more about this interesting technology. I started reading about Bitcoin, reading about Ethereum, following crypto related sub-Reddits, and attending a Blockchain Meetup group. Somewhere along the way I found IOHK and the Cardano project and I was hooked.

I’m an Academic so I’m kind of self-selecting into the system that matches up with my values of research-driven iterative design. I’m excited for the rollout of Shelley and seeing if the system will achieve design goals, as everything indicates it will! My dream is to find a way to build a system that can incorporate portfolio building, intellectual property ownership, and credentialing through self-sovereign identities. I think blockchain is the vehicle that can facilitate that and Cardano might be the system that will handle it best.

I look forward to meeting everyone on the forum. If you have any ideas to throw my way or suggestions of things I should check out, I’d love to hear them!


Welcome to the forum I am in Illinois, as well. This is a great community lots of good videos from adatainment, Cardano Effect and others on YouTube
Highly recommend the Udemy courses starting with Marlowe for smart contracts followed by Plutus course (they are free).
Lots of info to show you where the project is heading. : )


Glad to see so many people joining the Cardano forum today. Welcome @NeoCornelius!


Thanks guys!

Welcome @NeoCornelius!

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Hello and welcome @neocornelius