My Relay node is starting

My relay node was working fine for over a month. Yesterday my Maschine seems to have restarted for no reason. Since then my relay keeps on status starting. Is there something I can do?

Screen Shot 2022-06-11 at 08.46.56

It is probably doing a check of the blockchain because it did not stop normally, you have to wait until this is complete. I takes about an hour normally. You can confirm this by watching the logs (journalctl -f -u cnode.service, assuming your service is called cnode).

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Try this

sometimes, when you stop/start/restart the node often you will hit this issue and you will need to perform the steps

  • stop the node
sudo systemctl stop cnode
  • rename ledger, immutable and volatile folders
ls -l
mv immutable imm
mv ledger led
mv volatile vol
ls -l
  • start/stop the node
sudo systemctl start cnode
stop the node after 10 sec
sudo systemctl stop cnode
  • you should also see now the new folders ledger, immutable and volatile
    delete the new folders created (not the old one renamed)
ls -l
rm -R ledger
rm -R immutable
rm -R volatile
ls -l
  • rename back the original folders
mv imm immutable
mv led ledger
mv vol volatile
ls -l
  • start the node and check glive (you should see now Mem RSS slowly increasing)
sudo systemctl start cnode
cd ..
cd scripts

Also check you have enough storage left. I had a similar issue when I was running out of storage on my harddrive.

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Thank you all, I did what @Alexd1985 has suggested and now its syncing.