Relay stuck on starting after upgrading to 1.34.1

So on the old version, the node was syncing fine, and only after I’ve updated to 1.34.1 the node is now stuck on starting… it’s been doing that for about 24 hours…

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Share the glive output.
cntools or coincashew?

type sudo systemctl status cnode or sudo systemctl status cardano-node and journalctl -e -f -u cnode or journalctl -e -f -u cardano-node Do u see any errors?


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here is the glive output:

systemctl status cnode:

journalctl -e -f -u cnode

I don’t think i see any errors

thanks, @Alexd1985

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Ok, now go to db folder and rename ledger, immutable and volatile

mv immutable imutable_bkp
mv ledger ledger_db
mv volatile volatile_db

restart the node and check glive, it should start to sync again
then stop the node and go back to db folder

now u should have more files
delete the new files (NOT the bkp) ledger, immutable and volatile

rm -R ledger
rm -R immutable
rm -R volatile

now rename the bkp files

mv ledger_db ledger
mv immutable_bkp immutable
mv volatile_db volatile

restart the node

Check glive again

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so i’ve followed those steps and it was syncing once I’ve renamed the folders inside the /db/ folders

but once i’ve renamed the old files its stuck on starting again, its been 3 hours already

Could I copy the /db/ folder from a node that is working on the same version - would that help?

Then perhaps it needs more time to start, from which version did u upgraded to 1.34?

I had similar issue and after hours of debugging without finding any reasonable cause I also opted to copy of the /db/ from other node running 1.34.1 and in sync.

  1. first in healthy and synced node where I want to get the db - I stopped that node so that db would not corrupt while coping.
  2. then in problematic node I ran
rm -rf db/
mkdir db && cd db
rsync -chavzP -e "ssh -p 22" <you--ssh-user>@<node-ip-or-host>:/ful/path/to/db/ .
  1. then starting both nodes it took only some minutes when both nodes were syncing again

i was upgrading from 1.33 - i’ve given it 20+ hours before, I’ll leave it overnight again

thank you

i am going to give this a try and keep you posted - thank you

if u type top do u see the CPU ~ 100%?
type free -m or df -h


thank you this resolved my issue for me - I’ve copied the db files from my working node and its working normally now

thank you for this!

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