Node stuck at starting

After updating from 1.30.1 to 1.32.1 my node is stuck at starting. it has been over 1 hour and 20 minutes and it still says starting. Does anybody know what is wrong? or what i can do ?

can u share the glive output?

I found out that it was because of the old db. I deleted it and it started syncing right away. Now I only have to wait 2 days before it’s synced. Laat time i did a full sync it was in 1 day. Is it normal to take 2 days nowadays?
I have 4 cores 16gb ram 1gb internet connection. Cores running around 65-93% (going up and down). Ram memory is low usage

You shouldn’t have deleted the db folder. At least not the “immutable” sub-folder from the db folder. And you should have upgraded to 1.33.0.
The upgrade to 1.33.0 takes 2 to 4 hours (the first restart).
It is normal to take more, the db folder is much larger now than a few months ago.

I have a backup from a lasr saturday I can put back. But then will it be starting again?

It will start, but it will take a long time (probably less than 1 hour). Keep only the “immutable” subfolder of the “db” folder, delete the rest. But you should upgrade directly to 1.33.0, and it will take 2-4 hours (if you have ssd disks) or longer (if you have a hosting with a lower quality of the services).



I had a similar experience with one of my local relay nodes recently. Check to see if it gives you any insight. I ended up reinstalling LTS entirely and programming the node from scratch—this worked perfectly.

Before this I tried deleting the DB file and restarting, but it was going to take days for the full sync so I decided to just start from scratch.

Hope this helps.

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next time when/if u will delete the DB, you can copy it back from one of your working nodes


That’s a good idea! Thanks Alex I’ll try that next time something like this happens. Especially if it’s the producer next time… :wink:

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ok, starting issue can be fixed without deleting the DB, perhaps it was another error…anyway… glad u fixed

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I was trying to mint tokens off that relay and I think messed up one of the socket paths in doing so. Now that the relay is back up I have another guide I will use to try to mint the assets. :crossed_fingers: