Node run stuck -> needed to delete db


A couple of days ago I setup my first stake pool and it ran happily.
Then, I was working on another project, until only today I found time to look into the node again.
I noticed that neither the producer nor the relay were active although they were running.
The log mentioned that the service was killed.
What bothers me though is that I had to delete the db’s in order to get them running again.

So here is my newbie question. Is that a common task to delete the db as a stakepool operator?

Many thanks, Jan

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Sometimes it can take several minutes with the logs completely paused before a node will start. It depends on the state it shutdown in.

I would suggest the next time it happens, check that the process is running and wait at least 10 minutes. You shouldn’t need to delete the database files.

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Thank you! Appreciate the answer. Yes, it surprised me a bit as well, but the node seemed totally stuck. Now after deleting the db, the node is syncing and it takes time (~4% / hr) .


You’re welcome.

fwiw, the Raspberry Pi/ARM community has a sync’d database (1.26.2 as of this post) with periodic snapshots hosted for quick download. Just wipe your existing db folder, download this one and it should only take about 30 minutes to get back up and fully sync’d.

Thank you Tony. That will surely be helpful!

Hello Jan!

How did you delete the db? do you have a minute to walk me through? Im starting with the pool school and got stuck there. Thanks a ton!