Need help to trasfer ADA BEP2 to Atomic Wallet

I’m trying to Transfer my ADA which is in Trust wallet and is in BEP2 to my Atomic wallet which does not Support BEP2. How can I change ADA BEP2 network to ADA so I can do the transfer?

Thanks in advance

I’m not using yoroi wallet. I’m trying to transfer them to ATOMIC wallet.

If it’s in BEP2 then it’s not actually ADA. It’s Binance chain token that is pegged to value of ADA. BEP2 tokens are not supported on Cardano network.

What you can do is sell it, buy real ADA then transfer.

Have look at this, it shows how to transfer ADA to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) using the permission-less Binance DEX/Bridge. The bridge also supports the reverse direction and BEP2.

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