Need support for retiring my stake pool

Hi community,

after I setup and run my stake pool, I was busy with other things so that I never touch my cardano stake pool again. Now, the domain that set up in the metadata.json has been expired and I didn’t renew it. So the website has gone. Today, I checked my node, and it didn’t active. After reactivation, I wonder why the epoch doesn’t sync and the status is still “starting”. Does the missing domain or webpage affects the producer node?

The attached image shows the output of the gLiveView after one hour of the node start.
Screenshot from 2022-01-24 22-07-14

Is it possible to withdraw the 500ADA?


You need to update cardano-node, your version is too old, this is why it does not start anymore.
Yes, you will be able to withdraw the 500 ADA after you retire the stake pool. Do not de-register the stake key until you withdraw the 500 ADA.