Negative balance how so?

I retired a pool that I was playing with and then I staked that wallet address to my pool. I completely forgot about 500 deposit till today. So I pulled it out but then I have ended up with a negative balance in this wallet which seems odd and wondering how is this even possible. Seems to be negating that I pulled the deposit.

Totally could be that the instructions I followed in Guide: How to build a Cardano Stake Pool - CoinCashew missed something or more probably that I did something wrong.

Anyhow any insight would be greatly appreciated. Also I was able to move the balance to another wallet but now wondering how to unstake this wallet since seems to carry a negative balance.

It is an imported wallet or cli wallet? U will need to deregister the stake key and u will receive back the 2 ADA paid

Well was a cli wallet that then imported to yoroi. Since seems -500 for rewards it says do not seem to be way to deregister.

What is the wallet address?

destinationAddress: addr1q86y73zmgjam0tyepl0rf4qm4anknln6qc9c6zwgqy5qyza77ht2j3unj7ctpvwha73f85w6x2xv25pla68z8844cv5slwupp4

Strange,could be a bug;
u don’t have any rewards available and the withdraw button is not available to deregister the address

Thanks for taking a look. Definitely seems that way ;)! I was able to get funds just seems to me that now delegation would be 500 less in total. Not end of the world just very strange and still being a small pool. Every little bit helps :wink:

Could be a chance to add funds to the wallet, delegate the wallet to another pool, wait few epochs for rewards and try to deregister next time when u will withdraw the rewads

Interesting, may try that but since reward balance showed -500 thought even if rewards come in would be negative. But moving it may shake it up a bit.

Can u try to restore the wallet if u still have the seed words?

Going to try that but nonetheless if you look at this link it shows negative balance Ok will report back.

Then try to contact the yoroi support team, maybe they can explain why this behavior

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So now it does show at least in adapools that stake went up, and lost a delegator. So balance is restored, but yes will contact them. Since I did restore it and still shows as -500.

it is a funny bug indeed that I encountered as well.
Command line is handling it just fine, but Yoroi does not. Which is annoying when your address is a hardware wallet and got used to interact with the blockchain using Yoroi …

No withdrawal allowed in Yoroi, as the amounts do not match anymore.

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