Net neutrality and blockchain

Eric Schmidt quote

Can you read Eric Schmidt’s quote? >

Net neutrality rules are destined to control the internets bandwidth… or it will bring people to the market if it wasn’t for those damned oligopolies.

Why are we meeting in secret here then? To develop the internet of the future. So let’s look at Schmidt’s quote “…the ability to create something that is not duplicable in the digital world…” I’d like to add this to net neutrality so I feel relevant: the idea is to pay for things including the internet.

We aim for low fees, universal access and to secure our privacy but the idea is you will eventually pay to read this, pay to use the roads, pay to visit our parks, and get paid every time someone reads your work or enjoys your program.

So… how do we make it so every document is encrypted and only accessible once payment is received via whatever internet provider we choose to use?


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Amen. You seem to know King TANSTAAFL rather well.

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