Paper source recomendation

I watched the last Charles interview, he mentioned the Kaleidoscope: An Efficient Poker Protocol with Payment Distribution and Penalty Enforcement as a way to work with off chain smart contract, and was curious to get to know It.
After a google-fu session, found the paper at: International Association for Cryptologic Research where I could find another huuuuge qty of papers.
Great read.

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Thanks @eduardomk besides papers it also lists crypto meetings in Europe which is something I am very interested in. I had read the kaleidoscope paper before. The amount of other papers on cryptography is huge! Is there any other paper you would recommend reading from the IACR website?

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:nerd_face: I am happy to share!
Not by now, I am still digesting my first one. When I find something interesting, I`ll add it here.

This weeks video, Elias Koutsoupias talked about game theory. And i find a very interesting set of Papers of him.
But one that stood you, due to the name was: Coordination Mechanisms and On the performance of approximate equilibria in congestion games.