Network Outage News

Does anyone know more regarding the recent network outage where half of the nodes went offline that was big on the news?

I haven’t really read a satisfactory answer yet in the news of what rally happened. Perhaps some of you had an experience of it who would like to share.

What triggered it? Will it happen again?

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there is a case opened on github

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That is a really helpful lead thanks.

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Charles talked about this event in this recent YouTube video: Cardano Stall - YouTube

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The term “Transient Anomaly” is not very explicit. :o)
What Anomaly was it ?
How and why was it transient ?

There are some speculations in the internet that this might’ve been a malicious attack on the network. Does anyone have any lead if it is indeed the case?

One needs to go on the github link referenced by @Alexd1985 to see that it was not an attack. Full report will come out in a few weeks when more nodes will have updated there software to correct this “Transient Anomaly” :slight_smile: