New bridge between Cardano and other chains

Hi everyone,

I am the founder of Sisu Network and I would like to invite everyone to try our testnet Phase 2 that supports bridging between Cardano and other chains (e.g. ETH, Avalanche, Polygon, etc).

We have frontend DEX for swapping tokens on testnet at

Why you should try Sisu testnet bridge?

  1. Our transaction fee is 3x-10x cheaper than on-chain multi-signature bridges on ETH. Our commission fee is lower than some of the cheapest bridges like Multichain (which does not support Cardano at the moment).

Our gas fee is 5-8 times cheaper than Optimistic bridges.

  1. Our transaction speed is relatively fast (usually 2 minutes or less when swapping from and to Cardano).

  2. We use 1:1 mapping token transfer. This means you will not be vulnerable to slippage loss like other AMM models.

  3. We build our tech from low level up, down to the cryptography layer. We use the Threshold Signature Scheme to secure the bridge. This allows Sisu to produce only one signature per transaction while keeping multi-party key management.

Features in active development:

  1. Cross chain smart contract call (Yes, you can make smart contract calls from Cardano to ETH and vice versa). If your DeFi apps need such things, let me know.

  2. Integration with other popular chains.

  3. Bonding/ Slashing mechanism for validators.

Long-term features in research mode:

  • Universal private transaction. This allows you to have private transactions on Cardano (even Sisu nodes would not know where you send money to).

If you are interested in doing token transfer or cross chain DeFi farming/contract call, I am happy to chat to see if we could help.

We are excited by Cardano blockchain and the community. This is why Cardano is the first non-EVM chain that we support.