New Director of Global PR, Communications and Marketing for CF


Nice to see a central Asian flavor added to the mix!
Tajik, Uzbek, Kirghiz, Mongol


It’s a very vital region for Cardano Adaption :wink: covered by at least three major development banks.

Governments here have a concentrated power but could get stuff done fast as soon as you get their buy-in. Lots of potential for Cardano.


It’s time to get the world talking about Cardano AND we got the right guy in the right position at the right time

Exciting times ahead


I’m just glad the Cardano Foundation is getting turned around so it can take on the duties it was established to perform.

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I hope they take onboard the UK. I have spoke too many people and friends and circles in multiple industry work sectors due to the nature of my work as a commincation engineer and mentioned ADA and CARDANO and they never heard about it.

Most know Bitcoin or heard of it but think its a scam or all too complicated . Which in fairness it is too a lot of people. Hopefully this may get more simplified for many people like the elderly or people not Internet or IT Savvy etc.

I try and explain in laymans terms.

The way i explain ADA is like how and when mobiles started to where they are now.

So BITCOIN :- Is like a Nokia 2G phone with Snake ( The game ) available. ( 1st generation)

ADA CARDANO :- Is like a SAMSUNG S11 Handset or IPHONE 11 XX not released yet with 5G Technology ( Capable of downloading a film in less than 10seconds ) - Call it 5th generation In Mobile World or 3rd generation to the Crypto world which could end up 5th Generation in the Crypto world too because of the intricate design and implementation of future proofing all areas of this technology.)

Hope this kind of makes sense. When i explain it too people they seem to get it when explained this way.

I’m not understanding how this kid meets the requirements for the 'WORLD" to start talking about Cardano. Young people are not at the top of the list of persons world leaders pay attention too. just stating a known fact.

Define “kid,” because I see a grown man


The guy is in his forties probably, he just looks young and healthy.
You know that Charles is 31, right? Travelling around the world, meeting presidents and ministers…

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When some one is pushing 70 many people look very young. We loose the ability to see age in some people. So “This kid if you is correct”. LOL. And my comment stands. YOUNG MAN. ;<)) You look 28 maybe. It’s a guess. Tell me i’m right please? LOL.

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:rofl: right on the mark.

I’ve got to say this is a bit depressing as much as it is impressive. Charles is only three years older than me ??:weary: He has achieved so much and I have done nothing yet :sleepy:

…on that note, when is Charles’
Birthday :birthday:? we should throw him a community celebration :confetti_ball: :tada: :champagne:


I’m well aware of Charles age, he doesn’t hide it. He shares it rather frequently. The fact you call the other young man “the Guy” and say “probably” tells me you haven’t a clue either LOL. He looks like a kid to this old man. I appreciate your comments and have to laugh a little. I never meant to be offensive. I’d love someone to call me a kid. LOL. Perspective. Again, I appreciate your comments and intentions. Be well and thank you.

NOW THAT IS FUNNY! Amazing. Well I hope you see the true in my explanation. As we get older our ability to recognize the age of others become a bit weak. If it’s true I guessed correctly it’s time to go to Vegas. LOL. Honestly I’m terrible with age. Please don’t take my comment as an attack. I DO want you to be as successful as humanly possible.

Be well,


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