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Firstly, I apologize if this is the wrong place to discuss this but I am not able to find the right contacts. I am not a developer nor a technical person. However, I am an experienced products and services development & marketing director in a telecom company.

I believe in Cardano and unfortunately I can see that no one from the arab people I talk to about crypto knows anything about cardano. So far I could convince more than 16 people into buying ADA (all arabs). And since I spent so much time watching Charles Hoskinson videos and other market videos, and since my friends encouraged me to start a channel, I did, only few mins ago and it is called “كاردانو بالعربي” or in english “Cardano in Arabic”.

As you know the market in the middle east is growing rapidly into investing in crypto currencies. I would appreciate to allow me to use your logo for the channel which will be dedicated marketing efforts towards cardano & especially ADA, I will indeed mention other crypto just to show the advantages of Cardano and ADA over others.

If you are okay with that, I would also appreciate if I can get your marketing team support for the material, to be treated as a marketing campaign/project towards the arab market, and if possible to allocate a budget for it.

Here is my linkedin profile for your review and consideration:

A screenshot from the channel that I have created an hr ago only, is attached, awaiting your approval to proceed.

In Cardano We Trust.


welcome & nice work… we’ve been told to direct legal questions about logo usage to, with some more background information in the thread below… the moderators on this forum are also with the Cardano Foundation and will probably see this and have some more support & references for you. :sunglasses:


Thanks alot @COSDpool, I really hope they see the opportunity of a marketing campaign in the arab world especially what is called the Gulf countries (Saudi, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, and Bahrain), arab countries include middle east and north africa, with a buy power of $billions.

I hope this post be reviewed by the foundation and be considered seriously.


Better to contact them direct than hope they read a forum post.

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Thanks, I will try this. Much appreciated.