New guy, came for the MEMEs, stayed for the people

hi all,

the MEME contest roped me into making an account, but now that i’m here, i’ll get to know the people.

here’s one about haskell … hope you enjoy.


Hello @qardano and welcome to the Cardano forum :wave:
Glad to see that the contest of @SeanAlimov brings more and more people into the :cardano: forum

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So, what makes you interested in cryptomemes and cryptocommunities?

hmmm, what makes me interested in cryptomemes and cryptocommunities? …

in a few words; entertainment, information and interaction.

watched BTC do it’s thing for years, on and off, from the sidelines, never taking part in any of the crypto coin stuff. flash to '17, watching BTC break $2,000 and not look back, still didn’t take part, but did begin to watch everything in the space more closely. … found ADA. :ada:
now i’m in. of course, there is more to it, but that is enough for now.


Welcome to the board.

Welcome! Great to have you and thanks for the humor!