hello, I kindly wanted to ask you something, I apologize in advance if I was not precise with the concrete and correct technical terms. Can the new pools / isos in the epochs be released at any time during the relevant epoch or are the new pools / isos released only at the beginning of a new epoch? Is there any alert in the systems that warns when a new pool / ISO is issued? Thanks in advance

I am not sure what you mean by ISO but stake pool operators can launch and register their pools whenever they want to add to the decentralization of the Cardano network. There is a forum category all about staking here if you want to learn more about setting up a pool, security, delegation, and more including pool introductions.

If you just want to delegate your ADA to an existing pool to earn rewards you can do that from a dedicated Cardano wallet such as Daedalus, Yoroi, Adalite, etc. These wallets typically allow you to search available pools that have been filtered by the SMASH server to ensure they are behaving as intended.

You can also use external tools outside of your wallet application to conduct additional research if you feel the need to know more such as the following:

I’m sorry I meant the ISO initial sale offering such as the iso of meld, empowa etc. I kindly wanted to know according to your experience if the iso are generally issued at the very first moments of the beginning of the epoch or they can be issued at any time during the harsh period of the epoch

Ah OK, in that case you would need to look at the website of the project you are interested in. They should have a whitepaper or something detailing the tokenomics related to what the token will be for, how many will be minted, when it will be distributed, to whom, etc.

From a development or technical standpoint you can mint any amount or types of tokens at any time. Over 90% are scams and rug pulls unfortunately so be diligent and do your own research on a project before participating in any token sale.