New python scripts for stake pool operators

I’ve just completed 2 new scripts, and on computes the balance of a specific address (not of a complete wallet). generates a tx.draft file for simple transactions.

Both scripts use cardano-cli inside and are supposed to be used on a block producer node. I’ve tested them on testnet. However, is safe to be used anyways.

Feedback is welcome. Especially since should evolve to change parameters and claiming rewards.


Actually, there’s 2 more scripts - one for claiming rewards ( and one for managing pool parameters. I’ve also improved the transaction, so that fees will be lower than the original scripts. The new, etc. only use necessary UTXOs for transaction, thus making the CBOR smaller (fees are calculated using the number of bytes in the CBOR).

Unfortunately I could not test the 2 new ones on testnet - did not receive any rewards so far.

One more addition: since yesterday there’s an implementation for sending tip to called Cncli’s configuration file can be used, but it can also be configured from command line.

There’s also a template for a systemd service. It can be used as a full replacement for cncli sendtip, but does not require a synced cncli database, but uses cardano-cli query tip data instead.

Also has been updated to display all token for a given address.