NEW To Cardano..need comments on Daedalus

I have my funds on Daedalus. My recovery attempts with test wallets have all failed. I believe Daedalus is going to update its program soon, when it does we will have to rely on the recovery seed. I am at a loss to know what to do in my case, I might lose all my funds.

Daedalus also takes up over 11GB of my computer memory and uses a huge amount of CPU RAM. It also take days to connect. I wonder if this is the cause.
I am very worried.

I suggest you create a separate topic for your issue, as well as submit a ticket through their official support system.


I tried a mock recovery of a test wallet on my Daedelus on my Mac and it has failed. Or at least it has been running now for over an hour without a response.
I am worried because I want to upgrade but I am scared to risk the funds on my real wallet. I do not have another computer available to test on.
Can I send my funds back to Binance temporarily whilst the Daedelus is being upgraded and then return them? Does it need the operation of the recovery seed to send the funds to Binance?
Can you advise please?

Restoration takes a long time. It varies with Daedalus version and other factors but I think several hours is fairly normal in general terms.

Your funds are not actually in the wallet, crypto terminology is misleading, the coins are actually on the blockchain, and the wallet is just a way to access that.

If you sent the lot to Binance there would be no point in doing a recovery, you might just as well set up a new wallet to return them to.

Sorry, I’m not clear whether you deleted the Daedalus/DB-1.0 folder, if so then yes you would need to restore before you could send ADA anywhere.

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Dear RobJF, thank you so much for your very prompt reply.

I only deleted the wallet inside the Daedalus. It was a test wallet which I then tried to recover.

I didn’t know it would take such a long time to recover. It would help if we were prewarned of this.

I was only thinking of sending the ADA to Binance whilst upgrading the Daedelus rather than risk losing them should the recovery seed fail.

But I didn’t know whether sending it to Binance would require the use of the recovery seed.

These things are not very clear or perhaps I have missed some instructions.

I’m now retesting a test wallet and this time will give it a long time to recover.

Much obliged for your advice.