New to testnet!

Hellooo !

Hailing from France here. I’m a more recent ADA holder and a techie with sysadmin and some coding experience.

I’m a little late to the testnet train but I would love to fire up a couple of nodes and see where I we end up from there. However, I wasn’t holding ADA at the time of the snapshot so I wouldn’t even be able to pay for the initial transaction fees.
I’m very inspired by your work and blockchain technology in general. I have noticed that in France there are no meetups organized, I’d be very interested in promoting cardano over here.

As for running a stake pool. Anyone knows a way I could obtain some testnet currency retroactively ?

Cheers all!


Still want to do some testing and get ready for the mainnet. Can anyone help a newcomer?
Are there any faucets maybe ?

Hey Jan, Welcome to the forum!
This post I wrote a couple weeks ago has some links that should be a good starting point if you want to run a stake pool

There is also a Staking & Delegation Category here on the Forum if you have specific technical questions for active operators.
Best of luck!


Hey CosmosX,

Thanks. Do you know if there is still a faucet to obtain some ADA just for the initial transaction fee when firing up the nodes.



Sorry I have no idea about this faucet. You should directly ask the technical team as there is amazing support for future operators.
Maybe ask the IOHK Technical Support using the messaging links on this page.They will probably be able to help you

Many Thanks Pierre,

I’m getting the hold of doing this but t seems that the testnet faucet is not operational and I would need a small amount of testnet ADA to pay for initial transaction fees. Can someone help me out with some testnet currency ?

I’m crossing my fingers :sweat_smile:

Any1 ?



I’m completely new here as well so this may or may not be helpful. I saw a Shelley Testnet Faucet at

Post your testnet address and I will send you some tADA

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Hi Tobias!

Thank you so much, here is the address:


Let me know if I can ever be of any help around here.

Are you running a pool / staking on testnet ?


Hi oprtr
I get an error message that I cannot send ADA to addresses created before Nov 29, 2019.
Did you make sure to post your TESTNET address?
Cheers, Tobias

This looks like a normal cardano testnet address and not an incentivized testnet address. Make sure to use Daedalus ITN to generate your address ! you can find it here :

Hi again.

@tobias ouch my bad. Here’s the ITN one:

@Psychomb thnx. by the way would you know what format is this address:



This is an account type address. Normally, we use the addr prefix when we generate them for the ITN, but this is just an eye-candy.
jcli address account --testing --prefix addr <PUBLIC_KEY>

I sent you some tADA.
Good luck.
I have tried to set up a stake pool myself but so far without success.
Cheers, Tobias

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Many thanks ! Maybe I can help if ure still intersted.