New Tool To Track Your Rewards -

Hey Everyone,

Here is a new tool to check on your rewards, really simple to use.
Simply enter a staking address or a wallet address and it will find the page with all sorts of information.

It is also quite useful for new delegators who don’t know about the 15 - 20 days delay when starting a delegation. will compute the exact date of the very first rewards.

If you are a pool operator, feel free to use the tool with your new delegators as it would be much easier than to explain each time about that 15 - 20 days delay :wink:
By using the tool, it will also boost your website promotion within the site. :metal:

Hope you like it!


Cool thanks

Seems it can’t find some addresses. Some sync issues?

Staking or Wallet ?

Someone reported that problem before and after digging and contacting the data provider, the explanation was that :

  • A never used wallet address (0 transaction) basically doesn’t exist in their database.

Is that your case too? I will see what else could be done to fix that issue! Thanks!


For the wallet that’s the case, it has 0 UTXOs.
When used with a wallet address that has funds it works.
Maybe there is some cardano-cli command to get the staking key out of the spending address.

The staking key used was legit.

Thank you,
You nailed it, Wallet addresses with no transactions are treated as non-existent.
It is therefore safer to only refer to staking addresses for now.

You could theoretically decode the address and take the staking key part.
Would require googling how to decode those Bech32 addresses.

I had no idea we could do that! :flushed:
Thank you so much! I will dig into it! :relaxed: