New year in Cardano

In Cardano, we always have a great time. At the beginning of the year, we have already carried out several activities. Let’s hope that February is just as exciting as the month of January!

With the European community, we gathered with Emurgo and several projects in an interesting Town Hall to learn about all the news and opportunities offered in this new year within the community. We also listened to updates and progress from various projects.

With the LATAM community, we carried out the characteristic IdeaFest, featuring dazzling Spanish-speaking proposal submissions that, independent of the main Town Hall, led us to have 3 hours of meetings discussing all the proposals in different breakout rooms. As always, it was an enriching experience. Attached are the respective links.

I want to thank the teams from Europe and LATAM for everything. This new year looks promising, carrying out these activities involves significant background work—coordinating guests, selecting them, preparing the slides, hosting, among many other tasks. This is possible thanks to the efforts of everyone, making the teams function as a perfect mechanism.