NFT linked to physical Game Boy game - New project on


I’m Dana, and I have been in the Cardano forum for several years.

I am dedicated to the professional development of Game Boy games, and I wanted to make a very innovative project with physical games and the NFT world.

As a Cardano lover, of course, I have chosen the marketplace.

The project is made up of a print run of 1,500 unique, handmade NFTs, granting the right to receive a physical Game Boy game, complete with box, manual, etc.
Inside the game there is an easter egg with the address of a ada wallet with 10% of the project’s proceeds. Whoever finds it first gets the reward.
I share the link of the project here:
All social networks are of recent creation, since the project is very very recent.

I have a questions for the community since I wouldn’t like it to look like spam::

1-How to make a marketing campaign aimed to ada lovers?
2-Does anyone know how to promote within

Thank you very much!