NFT.NYC Kickoff Event (Superrrr late summary)

Hey Everyone,

(working on improving the capturing of events as I do a terrible job).

The event focuses on providing spaces for projects to test, engage, communicate, and network. A total of 690 RSVPed, and believe at the peak were around 350 in the venue.

We invited 3-4 social media groups, so they should have had a live stream and video content of their interviewees of different projects. Some issues with noises which derailed some content here, but plan to resolve these issues moving forward.

We tested projects like Flashmint, Merchify, Sh4peverse nft, and GPS locating/ticketing app Cardano Beam. Where a few of our attendees went around collecting items across the city.

My goal is to keep improving these activities, and finding improved venues for improved engagement. Luckily we were able to network and find more and more people who can support and develop these activities. Hope for more moving forward, including Cardano Summit 2023!