No freedom of speech with this platform

So this post will no doubt get pulled down too. But we seem to be getting silenced at every corner and as a long term holder and supporter of ADA i am very upset about this. I posted a forum and it has been taken down for now good reason that is fine. I will just go on twitter and other chat groups with more freedom of speech this is shocking for something that is trying to be decentralized what a joke that is!!

As indicated here , same post repeated 4th time is a spam - and hence, was unlisted. This is after you repeated your message ~50 times on telegram.
Please familiarise yourself with community guidelines.


Hi Harryboy,

This post will be locked, so people can see it, but future posts claiming the exact same thing will be deleted.

Repeatedly creating and posting (spamming) the same content over and over, especially when the information is not accurate at all and certainly doesn’t add any value for or against the ITN, is breaching the community guidelines. It gets to a point where moderators will need to step in, especially when other community members start reporting the behaviour as low value spreading fear uncertainty and doubt. I even asked you to watch Charles’ youtube videos as what you are saying is not accurate.

You made it very clear in both Telegram and the Forum that you do not wish the ITN to continue. I think we can safely say your vote is in.

As Priyank advised, please familiarise yourself with the community guidelines.

Post locked.