Telegram ADA 2/6/22

I attempted to sign up for ADA telegram group. It stated I had to wait for about 20 - 30 min. I also interacted with the Charlie bot. Now it says it’s a private group only. Can anyone help?

You have to verify yourself against Charlie (the bot) by replying /start to him and then follow all the instructions there.


I completed it. Then I logged back on to telegram and the Ada group wasn’t there. I attempted to join the group again and it said it’s a private group

Can you please send me your Telegram username via DM? I will check it out and reach out to you via Telegram.

Thank you so much. My telegram username is @drKYBcrypto. Thank you

What Telegram group is this, please? I’m in some official Cardano groups but none about ADA itself… :face_with_monocle:

thanks @Zyroxa … so it’s a Cardano group, not an ADA group. Just wanted to be sure. :sunglasses:

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p.s. I was also happy to see this group hiding in there :heart_eyes:


Welcome to the community! Did you manage to get it sorted in the end?

Yes sir. Thank you :pray:t6:

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thanks for sharing the groups!

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