Cardano telegram open group, apollo program, Annoucement group the voice of Charles Hoskinson

Hi all.
I’m starting a cardano telegram group, less serious and more open but not completely mad.
So I don’t feel constricted too much by rules and assertives moderators.

We love cardano project and it will be the number 1 thing covered, but we are open to discuss the other thing in some measurment.
I hope we can build a friendly group and cardano succed our wildest drem, of course.
If you want to join you can find us at the following link:


I decided to double it down and start a collective channel with news from Charles Hoskinson.
It’s all unofficial and for fun, no real impersonatig intended. hopefully legal.
If you interested to follow or partecipate the two groups are now connected.

May ada be with you.

PEN15 club? No thanks. Byee…

You know. some people ran an Ico scam for 20 million dollars ended up with a website with pen15 club?
I thought it was fun…