No Processed TX & No Mempool TX/Bytes


I have followed the CoinCashew guide to the letter and am on Step 8 where I executed the ./ script. I have by BN and RN both in Azure. They both seem to be ‘talking’ to each other, but I am not seeing Processed TX or Mempool TX/Bytes traffic on either the BN or RN.

I am truly stumped as I have carefully followed the CoinCashew guide. I have read a few posts that suggest I need to run the on my RN, but nowhere in the CoinCashew guide does it say that this is necessary at Step 8, although it does say I need this at Step 14.


  1. Can I continue on to Steps 9 and beyond even though I am not seeing Processed and Mempool TX traffic? Or do I have to fix this before moving on?

  2. Does anybody have any idea how to fix this?

Thanks very much!


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Hi StuGazzO!

What is the height of your RN? from cardano docs

cardano-cli query tip --mainnet

        "blockNo": 36322,
        "headerHash": "3f1bea22be21452415851ae670f4bac9340471cb7f2f6a664fac56d7f60dbaad",
        "slotNo": 888561

and compare the value with the explorer

maybe you can find answers as well Processed TX is 0_ - #11 by skenny