Node db on NFS share - failure to start

I’m setting up infrastructure for a stake pool, I wanted to store the blockchains on a NAS server and share those to nodes over NFS. But I ran into problem - the node does not start, when blockchains is on nfs share (claims that database is locked):

When I unmount the nfs share and sync directly to disk, everything works fine:

Any ideas, what is wrong?

If u look at ur first screenshot u will see the issue… the node can’t start because the db is locked by another process


Yes, I noticed that, but I would say that is a symptom, not a problem. There is no other node process using this database. The screenshots were taken from the same system, one right after another.

U can check wht process is using the db when that error appear

I think I figured it out. I’ll leave it here for reference. From the messages of starting cardano node it seems it tries to make the database immutable. This operation is not supported on NFS shares, thus cardano node doesn’t start.

Cheers and thanks for support!

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