Node won't start after upgrading to Cardano Node 8.9.2 from 8.1.2

Hi guys
I’m upgrading to Cardano Node 8.9.2 from 8.1.2 on my relay (ARM). After building the binaries and updating conway and config, my node won’t start.

Note that I have used ghcup 9.6.4 and cabal and I have also removed /lib/libsecp256k1.*

The error message is : cardano-node[121791]: /usr/local/bin/cardano-node: symbol lookup error: /usr/local/bin/cardano-node: undefined symbol: crypto_vrf_ietfdraft03_publickeybytes

My lib versions are:
dbb48cce5429cb6585c9034f002568964f1ce567 for libsodium
v0.3.2 for libsecp256k1
v0.3.11 for blst

If I roll back and start Cardano Node v 8.1.2 it starts and operates correctly.

Any ideas?

In case you dont get any reponse here you might want to ask here : Telegram: Contact @CardanoStakePoolWorkgroup

ok - If I don’t get the help I need here, I’ll try that, thanks.

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I would probably head to the Armada alliance, they tackle ARM a lot more. Telegram: Contact @armada_alli