North Korea's elite hackers are funding nukes with crypto raids

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It does put a bit of an exclamation point on the current U.S. administrations incompetence in foreign policy and cyber defensive posture. Is that who is attaching each new release of Cardano infrastrucutre?

Dumb comment. As if the entire FBI, CIA, NSA was swapped when administrations changed. You dont know what’s going on son. There is actually more action being taken in this administration than previous except Bush1.

Please try to remain respectful to your fellow forum members.


Thanks, but no offense taken. I know there are people who are in government for the long haul and are on this stuff, but it is more naive to think that a lot of damage hasn’t been done to those structures. It is also sort of funny since I’m probably at least a generation older than he is.

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The term Son wasn’t meant to be degrading. I’m guessing you’re not black.


Do I look black? :rofl:

You’re right, I wasn’t familiar with that use of the word. Sorry about that.

See 19 seconds in.

I should’ve known better and not assumed…better choice of language I could’ve used. The term fool is also used to people of the same “community”

See #2 & #4

It’s similar to saying asswipe…the term can be used without a negative connotation and meant in jest without malice.

My bad.

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You know, at first I was willing to just let this go, but you are explaining too much. You should just apologize. Using “son” is this way is a trope, and is just as condescending as “boy” or “girl” unless you are much older. Please just drop this thread.

Dude, you dont know my thoughts. So now cause I called you dude, I misgendered you. Get a grip. I know what I was saying and why I said it. If you need a safe space that is something different. Ive explained myself. I know what my intentions were and are. I have no reason to lie to you and it really doesnt matter to me honestly. Son was used in the way I mentioned OK. No offense intended. Do you need an apology. Will that help you to get over it? OK. I’m sorry. Can you please tell me how I feel inside or what I am truly trying to communicate. Obviously you know better than I about what my intent and communications are.

I’m just someone talking here like you, and you were being called out for tone. I was willing to let it slide, but will not sit back while you talk trash. My point isn’t whether any of you cultural analysis is right, but that it has no place here. This isn’t about safe spaces, but following the local culture and requests about decorum and such.

Look dude, man, person, Gerry or whatever you prefer to be called. I used the term the way I know OK. I know what was in my mind a lot better than you. So, if you took offense, I’m sorry. It wasnt intended to be that way you interpreted it. You’d know a lot better if I was on a personal call with you. Just because I type a certain way, doesn’t mean I talk the same way. You feel me? Typically I would have added the word Son after that but judging by the misunderstanding here, you would’ve probably taken that as me trying to raise up on you when I’m not. There is no aggresssion in my statement nor is there any microagreesion. And honestly, I wouldnt even bother trying to explain myself to a person who’s tyrying to call me out on what I’m sayin as if they know what’s in my head. I would add Bruh to that but it seems I might offend someone with that term as well. I have no need to lie to you about how I feel or what I’m trying to convey…take it as you will. Ive explained myself.

Hello @Michael94588 and @Gerry,

There’s always a chance words/intentions/actions can be miscommunicated and/or misinterpreted through writing :writing_hand:t6:, which can result in sober discussions giving way to passionate personal arguments. Let’s keep future posts relevant to the thread :thread: and hash out any misunderstandings through private DM’s.

Please refer to FORUM ETIQUETTE

Best, Sean


Great idea. Thanks. Apologies to the forum for making that public.

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good use of the thread emojii lol

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