NostrADAmus interviews Charles in Hong Kong

This week, NostrADAmus flew to Hong Kong from Thailand to meet Charles and conduct an excellent interview.

It covers a lot of real interesting topics and there’s a good bit of humour thrown in too. Both interviewer and interviewee are on great form.

I’m posting the video on behalf of NostrADAmus as I understand he’s been banned from the forum. Charles compliments him on being a valuable critique, adding that the community needs balance of opinion.

With that in mind, isn’t it right to revoke his ban so he can post his own videos, of which he’s been putting a hell of a lot of time and effort in to. That’s of course if he wants to come back?

I for one think the community is a richer place with him about.



This is a good vid. Thanks for the upload. Hope all works out for NostrADAmus


Can we have some feedback from the moderators please, regarding NostrADAmus’s ban from the Forum?

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Hey! Look who is here…

Lets see how it goes. If I feel the same anger like last time, I will probably leave it forever. But I am sure Ambassadors are wiser now.

Cheers and thank you for all your support DarfADA


Hi Nostra! You should realize that many people here will think that it’s got more to do with your behavior than Ambassador wisdom, but personally I’m happy you got another chance. :slight_smile:

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If you talk about my behavior (posting daily videos, traveling for interviews, investing time + money + energy + risks in those interviews) then I understand it will shock some people here.

If you talk about the past, let me inform you that I wont escalate any comments.
I did not get a second chance, I just open a new account. Let see if all of those have your wisdom.

Reedited: I would rather say that I give them a second chance


Good to see you back Nostra :grinning::+1:

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Thank you to you for support :wink:

In a way I miss Nostradamus…he was very controversial in the Cardano Official channel (Telegram)…:sweat_smile:


Dont you worry, I am never far. And I will always have my YouTube channel. Even if I am not on telegram you can find my prod on YT.

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@Cardano_Adoption chill down. Absolutely no one removed anything in this post. Can you describe what you think has happend so i can see what’s wrong?

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Hi Nostra,

I can still see it (see attached file).

This forum uses Discourse and new or updated posts appear as the top ones on in the overview when you choose for new. I think that’s the case right now. If someone posts a new message in that particular topic it will be the top one again.

Could you try a refresh with Ctrl+F5 or try a different browser? I have no idea what it could be otherwise.

Edit: using incognito mode and not signed in (see attached file)

Great :).

Could you please rectify or delete your post about the mods?

Thank you in advance!

What happened here then, I woke up and found all the deleted posts? Has there been bother?

Nothing wrong. All solved now :slight_smile:


Hi DarfADA Very strangely my BRAVE BROWSER is hiding your main post. And because the reason you are aware of, I was thinking that I got muted again. But nothing wrong. After Andy help, we could find out that the problem is the browser and not a Mod. Chrome shows the forum the way it should be. Hopefuly.


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Stranger still, it’s not doing that (or anything similar) for me.

I made a video print screen to show to Andy what I was seeing on my BRAVE. Would you like to see it ? I deleted it since we found the issue but I can post it again for you to witness it. Let me know. BTW my BRAVE still not show it at the moment.

REEDIT: Here we go. I upload it again (YT unlisted)

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Well all good then, as long as no skulduggery eh :grinning::+1:

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