Not able to get Test Ada into my Testnet payment address through faucet

We have created our payment address and requested test ada from the fuacet, its been 20 hours we still awaiting for the ada test to be deposited into our payment address. Please guide move forward. we are at the last stage of creating a stake pool at testnet

Which testnet? There are more at the moment.
And which faucet?

The current testnets are Preview and Preprod, but they will be reinitialized in the near future (probably weeks from now).

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we used the below link with both preview and preprod.

An on which one of those 2 are your nodes?

I do have legacy configuration. So, how do i update to the pre-prod ? Do i need to do the complete installation along with the pre-prod configurations ? or replacing the existing configuration files will be fine ?

You need to replace configuration files and to delete the db folder.


We are facing the below issue while restarting the nodes with the updated configs of pre-prod testnet

cardano-node: FatalError {fatalErrorMessage = “Cardano.Node.Run.handleSimpleNodeP2P.readTopologyFile: Is your topology file formatted correctly? Expecting P2P Topology file format. The port and valency fields should be numerical. If you specified the correct topology file make sure that you correctly setup EnableP2P configuration flag. Error in $: key "LocalRoots" not found”}

Please help us guide on the same.

sync not happening

Updated the code according to the suggestions ,right now we are facing server error at the preprod environment to generate test ada.


Preprod will be reset tomorrow, maybe they stopped the preprod functionality.

oh ok what do you mean by stopped functionality ? would that impact our testnet configuration ? or just a temporary stop?

The Preprod network will be scrapped and a new Preprod network will be created tomorrow at 13:00 UTC. The new one will be publicly accessible a few days later.

what is the scope of creating a durable testnet for now ? i mean which environment we should look at ?

The other one is Preview, but it will also be reset after Preprod. So probably the best option is to wait a few days until the new Preprod will be available.

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what is the current state of testnet ? which one is active mode and recommended to sync and work ?

Both Preprod and Preview are active and can be used for development. Preprod is more similar to mainnet (5 days epochs) and it should be more stable as Preview, which has 1 days epochs and where all new updates and new hard forks are tested first.

I used the configs present in the below linked shared previously for the preprod environment:
But, my nodes are not getting synced.

You should run 1.35.4 in Preview and Preprod (1.35.3 should also work on Preprod, but nothing older).

Thanks for the informaton @georgem1976 but, right now the attached error is appearing to us while trying to send the test ADAs to our payment address.
and we are updated to 1.35.4 version: