Odd response to Jormungandr version number output

I am testing the Shelly testnet and Jormungandr 0.5.5 on Windows 10. In trying to debug an error, I thought to check the version number of my jormungandr.exe file. I got two different outputs based on what path I used. I have confirmed I only have one jormungandr.exe file on my computer. However look at these two different outputs (note the “./” in front of the file name) in windows Powershell:

PS D:\jormungandr-node> ./jormungandr.exe -V
jormungandr 0.5.5
PS D:\jormungandr-node> jormungandr.exe -V
jormungandr 0.2.3

Can anyone explain this to me?

PS: “./” is unrecognized in CMD line as a file prefix and gives the following correct response:

d:\jormungandr-node>jormungandr.exe -V
jormungandr 0.5.5

./ uses the binary from your current directory.
The other binary is somewhere else on your system, with the PATH variable set to that directory.

I found another jormungandr.exe file in a folder “C:\Users\xxxxxx\.cargo\bin” that does no show up in File Explorer searches. I used a recursive DOS CMD search to find it. A google search shows that the .cargo folder is associated with rust and the files there all have a date of 7/2/2019.

I do not recall installing anything related to Rust or jormungandr in July, but I am getting older.
I renamed them adding .old and now i get an error as expected when I enter “jormungandr.exe - V” without the ./ in the front.

Thanks for your help!