Official Cardano Mascot

What do you Guys think about an official Cardano Mascot?

Would it be a powerful marketing asset in certain context?

For sure it would make the Cardano experience even more personal and emotional :slight_smile:

Maybe it would have some roots with a particular giraffe :slight_smile:

If there would be any, I would order one today for my kids. And another one for myself :)))

Maybe it could even have an integrated Ledger Nano X inside it for the adult version.


All the children love ADA Man


Awesome for a first sketch @LeoKing :)))

But we might have to consider the giraffe supporting Charles in the back. He has been with us from the very beginning.

I am serious. You get one for your kids, they take it to schoold, to playground and to their friends if it´s special & cute enough. Then if it´s distinct & fun enough other kids will want one and tell their parents about it. So you will end up explaining Cardano to your kids parents … sort of icebreaker about the topic.

Maybe have them interactive and with a digital presence & experience as well. We could at the same time “prove in an ironic way” Cardano Blockchain is easily able to deal with a CryptoGiraffes, not like poor Ethereum that broke down on the CryptoKitties.

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I love you man, but I think a mascot is a terrible idea.

Do we really want Cardano to be branded like some sort of breakfast cereal? Brings off a corporate feel that repulses me.


You have no heart. Look again at TotoroCardano. :slight_smile:


It’s oh so cute. And makes me want to not buy whatever it’s selling.

I am a visual guy, and this is indeed difficult to imagine mate :))))

Nevertheless kids don´t run around with cash nowadays, but plush puppets :slight_smile:

For any idea that needs funding we anyway have to wait for the Cardano Hubs initiative, which will unlock the Foundation funds for Community Projects.

@maki.mukai @tom.kelly any timeline for Cardano Hubs? Would it be possible to bring an early draft out to the Community for open consultation? Many Thanks

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Talk to us!

Kids don’t buy or care about ADA. Nor should they.

Kids dont buy but kids do not live outside this world. I want my daughter to know more about cryptocurrency than me and talking about ada seems a good start as that girl knew her math. Giraffe sounds awesome they allways have the high view an important skill. Branding can be a corporate thing but at its heart it is also about identity. And you always have an identity if you want it or not so I think it is good to take more control on how you are percieved by others. After zenmans revolution we need newly adults who can do good in this brave new world :slight_smile:

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Sure. As long as it’s obvious it’s for kids.

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:joy: lmao!

Nice one :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:

Cardano :giraffe:


Is there any graphic designe our there who could create a Giraffe like below (this one is a 1000 USD plush), with the Cardano Logo patterns?


With this pattern (same brownish color):


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