CARDANO COINS! 🍫 chocolate!

Hey guys,
I’ve recently read an article about Walmart selling Bitcoin chocolate as form of advertisement, and I felt a little peckish for a :cardano: chocolate coin. I’ve reached out to Scott at
To see if he could create a template for us and he got back to me with this

So what do you think? Please share thoughts/ suggestions!


I’d rather give $10 for this than $1 for a btc chocolate.


I miss the snake tough. That is such an iconic figure and spot on.

@Gabor_Peto do you mean the oroborus snake :ouroboros: ,? I’m sure that can be suggested. I also think gold is kind of reminiscent of bitcoin, what do you think would be a better alternative ?

I’m down to order some.

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Yes, :ouroboros: would fit nicely around the coin.

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Hey @Gabor_Peto what do you think about having :cardano: on one side and :ada: on the other?

Ada chocolate looks yum yum. Awesome stuff! However I am on a diet and need to nibble a bit here and there over time :slight_smile:

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Sounds good. I guess we could have :ouroboros: around :ada:

Oh, that’s nice!

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I think once it’s ready to go, I’ll buy up a few hundred of these coins and have my kid brother spread the word at his school. He’s about to turn 17 , but hey never too old for chocolate right? I’ve been trying to get him interested in Blockchain , Haskell and :cardano:

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I like the idea of having these set out at a meetup, I think the first template is classy, maybe the :ada: symbol could replace the :cardano: above the wording of Cardano while keeping the :cardano: as the full face on one side. Also Gold or blue is the color I would go with, maybe order both if i were to use them.


I haven’t even thought of that. You’re right, these would be absolutely perfect for the meetups! Maybe we can have two coins, it’s always good to have options

Dark chocolate version with low calories, low weight could be an option. If you have Cardano cravings its preferably to have something you can munch quite a bit of :slight_smile: :thinking:

  • Chocoholic
  • Not a Chocoholic
  • Diabetic
  • Watching my weight :slight_smile: but love me some :ada: coins

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So did Foiled Again say they could now make the chocolates or is it something still being worked out @SeanAlimov ?

Just send an email to Scott asking to post the template for :cardano: and maybe an :ada: coin on their website, once the template is up I’m sure it’ll be relatively easy to buy and enjoy the chocolate coins. Will post the link to it as soon as I get it!

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I think we could also develop the Cardano Recipe Book! With the design from ‘Foiled Again’ we already also have a Cardano Pie image (It will have to be a true blue Aussie pie though) and with members from at least 65 countries, we are also bound to have an excellent variety of international cuisine.

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Sounds great, I’m up for that!

Here you go, there are three designs available. Enjoy!