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i was watching The Next Block show and I thought i ask for recommendation if I should make voting system i have created also work on Cardano.

First of all, i am algorand maximalist, thats why I focus on delivering my products on algo blockchain.

The voting system i have created is the Vote Coin Standard. Introduction - VoteCoin Technically it is blockchain agnostic, but runs quite well on Algorand. All it needs is the ability to store the json data to the blockchain and ability to read them.

The standard is just the set of json schema documents on how to

  • write question to the blockchain
  • cast vote
  • cast encrypted vote
  • delegate voting power
  • create trusted list
  • results of the voting

First of all the important thing is the delegation of voting power… Account can delegate its voting power to another account in specific category. Each question is categorized so that for finance is created different wisdom voting tree than for category IT. Reason behind this is that each person has different skillsets and some IT guys are better in managing pull requests than managin long term investments. Good to mention is also that person never looses ability to vote by himself even if he delegated his voting power. I call it Pure knowledge based democracy.

Second major thing is the encryption of vote cast. Each government is making the elections for duration of the voting session secret, and there is quite good reason for it. If voting is open, the influence of those who vote first may change the motivation of others to vote. If the decision seems to be undecided those at the end has the decision power even with small voting power.

Effeciency of the voting system system is crucial to maximize engagement of onchain community… Some people does not want to spend money on voting but are happy to delegate their voting power to others. The costs for onchain community is two submissions (txs) to the blockchain, and each member either makes one delegation or one vote cast. Different type of results are calculated such as quadratic, standard, one vote per account or one token one vote, and onchain community can decide what type or combination they consider to pass. It is crucial that onchain community is able to efficiently ask questions with as low time interval they teach their community to vote…

My next goal with the vote coin project is to make GitHub repository managable by onchain community. Whenever there is a pull request the voting is issued and community votes. Pull request can be merged only after the commonity votes in favor of the proposal.

My intention is not to make the vote coin commercial product. I believe the onchain communities should have the voting system bascially for free… Thats why all vote coin apps are open sourced and everything described in the standard is already implemented for algo blockchain.

With this post i seek for feedback, discussion, or connection to some same thinking people.


I have submitted the Idea to the Project Catalyst… Community

Can I have a feedback from anyone please?

dear @Scholtz - I missed your posting the first time it was submitted and then recognised your photo from the Algorand Discourse, which I joined recently. Welcome to the Cardano Forum which used to be more welcoming and energetic :sweat_smile:

This sounds like quite a progressive voting system and I’m glad you submitted a Catalyst Fund 10 proposal for it in the meantime. I think your ideas about Governance would be well received in this category regardless of the outcome, so please consider following & posting your ideas there:

Thanks @COSDpool

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