Opinion November

Possible evolution of Ada in November: Many Ada will leave the exchanges towards dedalus or yoroi to be able to delegate to stake groups. At that time and with little volume in the exchanges, a manipulation of prices upwards will be very likely. I already have my Ada in daedalus

Downwards is equaly possible with a low volume right? Can you explain how you came up with upwards as a higher probability?

Don’t get me wrong, we’re in the same boat. Hoping for upwards.

It also might be that ADA has been bought just for the purpose of staking and to be sold after the snapshot. Selling presure.

You may also go down. There will be volatility. My wish would be up for the news of getting Cardano developing forward.

I am observing a decrease in volume in several exchanges for 3 days. I have written this message in case you have also checked