Oracle for Energy Prices

I thought I’d let folks know that I just deployed an oracle that submits daily energy prices as metadata. Here is documentation and a sample transaction. I’m planning to employ this in smart contracts once they are available on mainnet.

I’m also interested to learn more about what procedures there are for registering oracles that are not part of stakepools.


Hi, great work!

A couple of questions from me:

  • any particular reason you chose a format other than JSON?
  • would you consider adding SOFR spot and SOFR futures prices to your process? In which case I would use them in my prototype.

The spot SOFR rates are here: Secured Overnight Financing Rate - Federal Reserve Bank of New York
And the 3 month futures on the SOFR rate are here: Three-Month SOFR Futures Quotes - CME Group

Let me know if this is of interest for you and we can collaborate

Thanks for your interest in this. I’d be happy to collaborate on adding SOFR rates. The NY Fed spot prices will be easy to ingest, but we’d have to check the terms of use for the CME futures data. I’ll contact you by direct message.

Before smart contracts are available on mainnet, I’d like to add the capability to send specific metadata directly to the script addresses that require it. Also, Oracle services such as this should eventually become part of Oracle pools. I suspect that individual services or pools might be made obsolete by,, or

The format is valid JSON–here is the latest data renderd as JSON–, but the various Cardano blockchain explorers render it slightly differently, so it doesn’t always look like JSON. I don’t think that standards for JSON schemas for Cardano metadata have emerged yet, but I can adjust the schema to make it most useful. On the blockchain, the data is stored in CBOR, which has a few limitations, the most notable being that strings cannot exceed 64 characters and real numbers have to be represented as JSON strings. There is more information at Metadata schemas - mappings and formats.

Great, have messaged you !

FYI, the oracle for SOFR data is now running weekdays as a smart contract on Alonzo Purple:

This oracle will move to testnet and then to mainnet after the Alonzo hard forks occur there.

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